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Celia has written many books on a variety of subjects and we list here those currently in print, and some recently out of print. You may find some of the out-of-print books still listed with Amazon here in the UK (amazon.co.uk) or in the USA (amazon.com). By clicking ‘BUY IT‘ adjacent to the publication, you will be transferred to its counterpart on the Amazon UK site where you can purchase it.

One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog by Celia Haddon with illustrations by Jilly Wilkinson
Ebury Press, £6.83ISBN-13:
Cats Behaving Badly by Celia HaddonCats that insist on drinking from a tooth mug, cats that take their owners on (slow) walkies, cats with saggy tummy syndrome and cats that will only eat if their owners lie flat on the kitchen floor and say ‘Yum yum yum’ over the food bowl: these are some of the amusing dilemmas addressed by bestselling author Celia Haddon in this gem of a book. Drawing on her years of experience as a pet agony aunt on the pages of the Daily Telegraph, the author has advice for fat cats, faddy cats, food weirdo cats – and their humans – in this charming, light-hearted and well informed book. She unravels the mysteries of cat behaviour and dispenses tips and advice to help readers make their cat very happy indeed. Underpinned by up-to-date scientific research, this book is full of real cat stories and true owner dilemmas. It adds up to indispensable reading for cat lovers everywhere.


One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog by Celia Haddon with illustrations by Jilly Wilkinson
Hodder and Stoughton, £5.99
ISBN 978-0340954591
The Joy of Cats by Celia HaddonThis book is for cat lovers, cat devotees and people who are willing to admit to being mad about cats. There is no criticism whatsoever of cats in it …It is, instead, a feast of cat worship, best read with a cat on the lap. Of course, your cat may choose to sit on the page and thus block your view. Some cats enjoy interrupting our reading. Cats have padded silently into our hearts, bringing with them their grace, their independence and their essential mystery. How have we humans become so fond of these small desert creatures with their sharp claws and carnivorous teeth? Why do we love them so much? Celia Haddon In this beautiful anthology, Celia attempts to answer these questions by sharing the wisdom of cat lovers through the ages. From Herodotus, Darwin and Twain to T.S. Eliot and Edward Lear, all have not only had relationships with cats, but put pen to paper to explain just how wonderful that relationship can be …BUY IT

One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog by Celia Haddon with illustrations by Jilly Wilkinson
Hodder and Stoughton, £3.99
ISBN 978-0340-909485
One Hundred Ways to a Happy Bunny by Celia Haddon with illustrations by Jilly WilkinsonDoes a bunny prefer listening to Mozart or watching TV? How can you tell if your bunny is getting too fat? If you want to know the answers to these questions and more, this is the perfect book for you! The ideal companion for bunny-lovers everywhere, these great tips by much-loved author Celia Haddon will ensure that you find yourself with a very happy bunny on your hands! A bunny is for life, not just for Easter. For twelve years you will live with a loving twitching nose, two long ears and a fluffy tail. Human loyalty and love is what makes a happy bunny. Tame a frightened bunny by sitting on the floor and reading a book!Food treats help too! Start gently training your bunny with tiny food rewards. Rabbits will respond to human words such as ‘No’, ‘Stop’, ‘Come’, ‘Bedtime’ and ‘Into your Box’…sometimes they know what you want them to do but still won’t do it, just like humans, really.BUY IT

One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog by Celia Haddon with illustrations by Jilly Wilkinson
One Hundred Ways to a Happy Dog by Celia Haddon with illustrations by Jilly WilkinsonNew and old ways to make your dog happy. In return for lifelong loyalty and love, give your dog lots of fun not just cuddles on the sofa. Be your dog’s best friend by giving him sensible boundaries, good manners and lots of company. Did you know that you can now go dancing with your dog, as well as going in for life saving, maountain rescue, flat racing, show jumping, and clicker training. Woof woof.Hodder and Stoughton, £3.50
0 340 86393 5


ONE HUNDRED WAYS TO LIVE WITH A CAT ADDICT by Ronnie PayneThis book is written by Ronnie Payne, my husband. It is about the trials and tribulations of living with a cat lover and how he copes. Oh dear, but it made me laugh!Hodder and Stoughton, £3.50
ISBN 0 340 86343 9


THE FIRST EVER ENGLISH OLIMPICK GAMES by Celia HaddonThe first-ever “modern” Olympic games took place in England, on a Cotswold hillside, starting in 1612. The athletes competed in doublet and hose. King James 1 donated a suit of second hand clothes, with a hat, to the director who wore it to open the two-day games. The sports were truly dangerous and many ended up with either bloody heads or sliced off limbs. This is my account of an extraordinary bit of English sporting history. Don’t miss the little woodcuts of costumed men standing on their heads, doing the long jump, or kicking each other’s shins.Hodder and Stoughton, £8.99 – (ISBN 0 340 86274 2)
Paperback version £6.99 – (ISBN 0 340 86283 1

One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Find Its Inner Kitten Book Cover
One Hundred Lamps for the Soul by Celia HaddonThis is my choice of the spiritual passages which have been a light for my soul ­ have comforted me, made me think, made me try harder to change my life and at times stopped me falling into suicidal despair.
From the mystery of the Te Tao Ching to the anonymous wisdom of the 20th century, this anthology includes passages from Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu and Bhuddist writings.
Hodder and Stoughton,
£12.99, pp198
ISBN: 0 340 785985


One Hundred Secret Thoughts Cats Have About Humans by Celia HaddonWant to train your human even more purrfectly? One hundred ways to workout your human’s weird behaviour and so gain more cat power. Cats rule OK!
Hodder and Stoughton,
£3.50, pp96
ISBN: 0 340 86170 3


One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Find Its Inner Kitten Book Cover 100 WAYS FOR A CAT TO FIND ITS INNER KITTENA vital self help manual for all cats in a relationship with a human. Inner
kitten therapy is here at last! Become your own cat! Search for your inner kitten and find love and serenity. Don’t let your dysfunctional human ruin your life! How to express your needs and confront your human! It’s all here.Published September 2002 Hodder and Stoughton Paperback. 96 pages. ISBN 0 340 78721 X around £2.99BUY IT

One Hundred Ways for a Cat to Train its Human Book Cover
100 WAYS FOR A CAT TO TRAIN ITS HUMANGive this book to your cat — if you dare! The ultimate in obedience
training your human for cats who would like to brush up their techniques.
Yes, humans are an inferior species but they can be trained. Make yours into
a well behaved obedient pet who will feed you on demand, open the door for
you in all weather, and get out of the arm chair at your bidding.Published October 2001 Hodder and Stoughton Paperback. 96 pages.
ISBN 0 340 78605 1 around £2.99BUY IT

One Hundred Ways to Friendship Book Cover 100 WAYS TO FRIENDSHIPThe ideal gift for a friend. Here are the witty and wise sayings about
friendship. “Old friends are best. King James used to call for his old
shoes; they were easiest for his feet” – John Selden, historian, 1584-1654.”The holy passion of friendship is of so sweet and steady and joy and
enduring a nature that it will last through a whole lifetime, if not asked
to lend money” – Mark Twain, writer, 1835-1910Published August 2001. Hodder and Stoughton. Paperback. 96 pages.
ISBN: 0340 78558 6 around £2.99


One Hundred Ways to a Happy Cat

A little book for cat devotees.

Here are ways to make your favourite feline’s life more fulfilled – from growing your cat an indoor lawn, making a ramp for an arthritic cat so it can climb on to your favourite armchair, or training your kitten early – it has already started training you!

Hodder & Stoughton (2000)
Paperback, 98 pages
ISBN 0 340 74598 3
around £2.99


One Hundred Ways to Comfort
Little Books Ltd.
paperback about £6.99,
ISBN 1 904435 06 8


How to read your cat’s mind, Purring Matters, by Celia Haddon

This book helps you get into your cat¹s mind and see the world as it sees it. A cat¹s basic instincts such as the instinct to hunt and the instinct to stay safe and secure, define its lifestyle. If you read the chapter on body language, vocal language and scent language you will be able to interpret what your cat is trying to tell you. There is also advice on common problems, caring for the elderly cat, and a special appendix on disabled cats. More on little books atwww.littlebooks.net

it’s the little things in life that matter

If God Is My Father
ISBN 0 340 71394 1
paperback, 207 pages,
Hodder & Stoughton
about £6.99


 “If you’re looking for God but are worried about finding Him, try this autobiography. It’s the story of my relationship with my father and how it affected my relationship with God. To find a Higher Power I have had to look at and heal the wounds caused by spiritual and emothional abuse in my childhood.” – Celia Haddon.

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A few copies are available from the Author

One Hundred Ways to Serenity
ONE HUNDRED WAYS TO SERENITY Find quiet moments in a busy day to dip into these quotations on peace and serenity and you will find support and inspiration from common proverbs to great authors.ISBN 0-7181-3896-1
hardback 64 pages
Hodder & Stoughton
about £5.00BUY IT

One Hundred Ways to be Happy
ISBN 0-340-72142-1

paperback, 98 pages
Hodder & Stoughton
about £2.99
compiled by Celia Haddon

From the philosopher Aristotle, through Benjamin Franklin to the mad poet, Christopher Smart, this little book explores how to be happy. “The happiest part of a man¹s life is what he passes lying awake in bed in the morning,” said the essayist Samuel Johnson. “Keep your digestion good,” said Abraham Lincoln.


The Faerie Kingdom

An Anthology of Fairies, Goblins and Elves

A lavishly illlustrated anthology of the world of faerie with Victorian fairy paintings or drawings on almost every page. From the medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer onwards, poets and writers have been enchanted by the unseen kingdom of the fairy folk with its music, dancing, processions, kidnaps, and dangerous enchantments.

Illus. hardback, 106 pages, Simon and Schuster.
ISBN 0 684 84066 9 – about £9.99


One Hundred Ways to say Thank You
ISBN 0 340 74597 5
Hodder & Stoughton
Illus. paperback, 96 pages
about £2.99

One Hundred Ways to say

A little book full of thanks and gratitude. “When you are gone I find your flowers and thank you” wrote Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the Victorian poet to her future husband, while the artist and poet William Blake declared that “Gratitude is Heaven itself”. If you want to thank somebody , give them this book.


One Hundred Ways to say I Love You
ISBN 0 346 72141 3

Illus. paperback, 96 pages, Hodder and Stoughtonabout £2.99

One Hundred Ways to say

An enchanting little gift for somebody you love. “Love is my religion,” wrote the romantic poet John Keats, while Admiral Nelson complains: “I can neither eat nor sleep for thinking of you, my love.” Here are lovers’ farewells, complaints, apologies, seductive suggestions and of course downright declarations of love.



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