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I do not normally offer detailed behavioural advice about animals other than cats and sometimes rabbits. If you want help for a problem with your cat, I can offer this service on a vet’s referral. I charge a fee for this service just like a plumber does! It would normally involve a visit to your vet to get your cat examined for any underlying medical problems, to ask the vet to send me a copy of the veterinary history and to get my referral form completed. For cats that are house soiling I would suggest a urine analysis before I see them. My fee includes a thorough questionnaire, visit to your home to assess the problem, and a written report on what can be done. A copy of this is sent to the vet. Due to studying for a master's degree I may not be able to take on much work but if I cannot help, I will give you details of how to find someone else. There is usually no quick fix for a long standing problem and it may require quite a lot of effort by the owner. Cats will only change if we change the way we keep them. I do a follow up visit to discuss successes and problems. I am based in Witney, and offer this service within a 30 mile radius.

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Safety notice.

All normal safety precautions should be taken when dealing with animals. The advice in this section should be taken only at the owner’s own risk. All sick animals should be seen by a vet.

General advice of the kind found in this website is no substitute for an individual consultation with a vet or qualified behaviourist working on a vet’s referral.

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