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Understanding animals through their behaviour

    I do not normally offer detailed behavioural advice about animals other than cats and sometimes rabbits. If you want help for a problem with your cat, I can offer this service on a vet’s referral. I charge a fee for this service just like a plumber does! It would normally involve a visit to your vet to get your cat examined for any underlying medical problems, to ask the vet to send me a copy of the veterinary history and to get my referral form completed. For cats that are house soiling I would suggest a urine analysis before I see them. My fee includes a thorough questionnaire, visit to your home to assess the problem, and a written report on what can be done. A copy of this is sent to the vet. Due to studying for a master's degree I may not be able to take on much work but if I cannot help, I will give you details of how to find someone else. There is usually no quick fix for a long standing problem and it may require quite a lot of effort by the owner. Cats will only change if we change the way we keep them. I do a follow up visit to discuss successes and problems. I am based in Witney, and offer this service within a 30 mile radius.

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