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Understanding animals through their behaviour


All normal safety precautions should be taken when dealing with animals. The advice in this section is taken only at the owner’s own risk. All sick animals should be seen by a vet. Whilst I make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the advice and information provided on this site is accurate, the free information provided on this website does not constitute veterinary or expert behaviour advice. Because it is not based upon an analysis of your own personal circumstances, it may provide information, which is inappropriate for you and your animal. In addition the information and practice upon which it may be based may very well be subject to advance and change and despite my efforts the information available on this website may not always be up to date. For this reason the information on this website is no substitute for the advice of your own vet or a pet behaviour counsellor, based on a full understanding of you and your animal’s individual circumstances.


These notes and photographs are in copyright. It is both bad mannered and illegal just to lift them and use elsewhere without my consent. I have spent time, money and energy writing and compiling them. The information, but not the words or pictures, is free for anybody dealing with animals or interested in standing stones. You are very welcome to put a link to these pages on your site but if you wish to use my words or photographs on another website or for any other purpose you will need my permission. I will want to check any website wanting to use them because I do not give permission to websites that have content with which I disagree. Use of any of my words or photographs in print always needs my permission.

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