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My cat Toby investigating the pond…. c. Celia Haddon

Cats hunt because the instinct to do is hard-wired into them, so they will pounce on prey even when they are well fed and not hungry. You can’t change the cat but you can help the frog. Some dogs will also hunt frogs. The best course of action is to add hiding places for the frogs – anything with plenty of deep cracks to squeeze between is perfect for frogs as a place to escape from cats or dogs. Heaps of stones and wood piles also have potential for hibernation sites. Add long grass, poolside plants and wetland areas (cats don’t like wet feet). You could cut down the risk of stepping on a frog brought into your bedroom by your cat, by keeping your cat in at dusk when frogs are most active. Toads are less likely to be caught by cats or dogs because their skin tastes unpleasant.


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